Nice to meet you!

My name is Matija. In English that would be Matt. I come from Croatia, I’m 19 years old and I’m studying Computer Science at University.

Media editing is what I’m really interested in and would love to have as a job one day. Making anime openings and endings would pretty much be a dream come true.

Why is the blog called ‘tfwanime’?

Because I wanted to make a place with my own feelings and views on anime. I wanted to make a place where anime fans come when they… feel like reading about anime. You know… that feeling when

What can we expect on the blog?

Lists. Opening and ending breakdowns. My thoughts on various anime related topics and other random post ideas I come up with.

Fun and unique posts. At least that’s how I hope them to be.

What shows are your favorites?

At this point it’s impossible to name just one. So I just go with 7.

Steins;Gate, Hunter x Hunter, Toradora, A Place Further than the Universe, Madoka Magica, Assassination Classroom and Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood. I’m sure some other titles will join this list at some point. But at the moment I’ll go with those. As for why I listed those exact shows, it may be explained in my posts so stay tuned 😉

Where else can we find you?

Probably in my room procrastinating by watching anime… Oh you mean on the internet?

Well I use Twitter a lot.

I also enjoy using my Pinterest account.

And I have a YouTube channel I’m excited to make videos for.

As for the all important MAL account, it’s here so go check out my taste in detail if you feel like it.

Anyway I hope you enjoy your stay here, and thank you for, well, just being here. Every single visit is appreciated and any feedback – comments, shares, likes – even more so please don’t hesitate to leave those as well!