I first watched Sakura Quest around this time last year, started it around the end of March. Back then, it strongly resonated with me due to the rural setting and the main character Yoshino’s circumstances. She wanted to get away from a rural setting, and she believed a big city like Tokyo is the place to be. Then it turned out coming to Tokyo is one thing, but staying in Tokyo is more of a challenge than it may seem. And so, circumstances saw her once again end up in the rural setting that she wished to avoid. Her financial situation and lack of success at job searching left her without any other options to choose from.

This resonated so strongly with me, because I myself, moved from a city to a rural area. (Interestingly, Manoyama was said to have around the same population as my former city, but for Croatian standards, my former city is a well-established medium-sized city). And it was just a couple of months since, so it was still a fresh thing. Plus, I still had to visit the former city almost on a weekly basis due to driving lessons. It was hard not to get reminded that I moved, and I felt like it was a step backwards. I missed being in the former city.

It felt like it was all a compromise for whatever reason, and I was searching for that “reason” that would make moving here an “improvement”. Maybe Yoshino felt the same way at the start of her one year as the Chupakabura queen.

Accepting your circumstances and trying to make the best of them. “Home” can be anywhere, as long as you accept the surroundings and the people, and ofcourse, the people accept you. One year ago these were my main takeways from Sakura Quest. It truly made me start feeling more at ease with the moving.

A year later it’s definitely still an important message and takeway. But this time it doesn’t feel as prominent. Maybe it’s because I got much more used to not living in my former city?

Dream job? True calling?

Yoshino struggled so much with finding a job in Tokyo that in the end, she was forced to give up on staying there. (For a while, at least).

Sanae tried working in her field in Tokyo, but found that it was too stressful and felt like she wasn’t making a difference – that anyone could easily take her spot without many things changing.

Maki tried fulfilling her dream of being an actress in Tokyo, but returned to Manoyama when she realized that doing something professionally requires a lot more than just… Wanting to do it.

They all tried their luck in the big city only to find out it’s not so simple – they had to find different ways to support themselves. Which is where the important message comes in.

Even with dreams, and areas you are good at, it won’t necessarily work out. Which doesn’t mean you should give up either. You can incorporate your passions into your alternative job. Just as Maki still found ways to act on stage despite working on revitalizing Manoyama, and Sanae still used her web design/programming skills for the same objective. Even Ririko’s passion for UMAs ended up useful for that same objective.

I’ve realized that the whole “one true calling” narrative doesn’t actually work for me. I have at least 3 things I would call my passion, so why would you make me choose just one thing to do? I guess my point is, even if you can’t turn one of your passions into a living, you can always do it with something else.

And if you don’t have particular passions? I would say just go for whatever you can see yourself enjoy or be good at. You never know what job could end up having something that you enjoyed more than you perhaps expected. Or if nothing else, at least you can be skilled in various areas that could prove useful when you don’t really expect it. Just ask Maki.

The five heroines

By the end of Sakura Quest, Yoshino learned that you can bring a part of yourself to any job and make it more interesting. Similarly, Maki decided to bring something she likes to whatever job she’ll have. Sanae realized that each individual really can make a difference in some way. Ririko opened up and became determined to travel the world.

Ririko has a passion for unconventional things, but that doesn’t mean she should be shunned off as “weird”. Once you give people like Ririko a chance, you’ll realize they are much different and more fun to be around than it may seem, and no, they should not be forced to speak about more “normal” things. And yes, I wrote the last part of that sentence with a certain scene in mind…

What even is “normal” anyway? Screw that concept. Embrace the differences that people have and let them be themselves. Thank you for coming to my TED talk.

I didn’t actually write anything about Shiori yet. It wouldn’t be fair to leave her out. In terms of “relatable” aspects, I probably have the least with her, but I can be an airhead sometimes too. Or should I make that “all the time”?

Each of the five main Sakura Quest characters is a fair choice for “best girl” but I think I’m leaning towards Maki or Ririko.


To be honest, this is the most underrated anime I know of. It seems to have a bit of a reputation of being “boring” or people just never heard of it. It may just be me since I’m so used to slice of life anime, but I really don’t know what would make this “boring”. Maybe the setting or the type of issues the characters are facing? I don’t know. But in my opinion, there are so many things happening every episode I never once found myself bored. But tastes are a subjective thing.

P.A.WORKS shows are created with a mindset to leave a lasting impression to people and that can encourage people to look forward to tomorrow. We would like to keep on making shows that people can dream about a positive future story of themselves. We hope to make our shows not just a consumable entertainment but a show that becomes precious to the viewer and shed light to their path ahead.

P.A.Works website

And this is why P.A. Works is actually my favorite studio. With their slice-of-life they succeed in just that – they encourage me and leave a lasting impression. I think it’s a wonderful thing to strive for when making anime, and I’m grateful for their work.

I already miss Sakura Quest and I only finished rewatching it last night. Please give it a chance if you haven’t already.

(Hanasaku Iroha review)

(Shirobako review)

Oh, hello there! Does anyone still remember this blog? I wouldn’t blame you if you forgot about it, especially since there hasn’t been a single post here in 2020 so far.

First things first, I hope everyone reading this and my fellow bloggers are healthy… These are truly some of those moments you can just see being taught in history lessons in school in around 100 years, probably even less. When it was all starting, I really didn’t anticipate it would cause what’s going on. Just at the start of the month, on the 6th, I was on a concert, and as things stand, that was one of the final opportunities for me to attend… literally anything that involves going out, at least in the next few months.

You may remember that I’m an avid follower of the Eurovision Song Contest. (If you do, I seriously applaud you). Well, that has been cancelled. Formula 1 races won’t be held at least till mid-summer (and I’d honestly be surprised if any race would be held before September), at least one season of an anime I looked forward to got delayed (Re:Zero, there may be more delayed cases but to be honest I’m not aware).

Economy is under a huge threat (OK that’s kinda always the case in Croatia but…), it literally became illegal to leave the house without an important reason, sudden earthquakes in Croatia, the disappearance of one of my dogs (and yesterday thankfully the return)

It all sounds quite chaotic and terrible, right? Well, I agree with everyone who says stuff like “this is the worst year ever and it’s only March”. Objectively, that’s true. Remember how the year started with the possibility of WW3? That was all in 2020, and really, it’s only the end of March.

And yet, somehow, and it feels so weird to say it amidst all the chaos but on a personal level, I’m doing relatively fine.

The concept of being closed in the house all the time provides less of an issue for me than you might think, considering my introverted nature. I can hardly find downsides to online university, and I have more time for video editing, an area in which I suddenly got my first 2 freelance orders. For the record, both orders were just for 5$ but I have to keep the standards low at the start, and just to finally get started in this direction makes me feel good.

So yeah, I’d prefer the world to get back to normal, for events to be happening, for grocery shopping not to be so odd, for leaving the house to become a fully legal thing… But I’m oddly having a decent period.

OK but where were you for the entirety of 2020 so far?

There is no simple answer to this. The start of the year was university battles, exam periods and all that. It ended up with a 100% success rate, I passed everything I took, even including t h a t dreaded subject that caused me so much stress, lost time, anxiety about continuing university… I’m talking about electrical engineering. Passed it the hard way, on a stressful oral exam in front of 3 professors (as the rules state for the 6th attempt). BUT I PASSED IT. That was a month ago, when the world was still… functioning.

February was all about the exams and Sanremo Music Festival, one of my most looked forward to weeks of the year. Around that time also came the start of me closely following one Swedish artist, starting to learn swedish and all that. It made the experience of a certain Winter 2020 anime even better, but more on that later(?) If you’re curious about my tweets on these topics, you can take a look here.

Busy in general and busy with other stuff are basically the reasons I watched only a handful of anime since February. Today I finally took a more detailed look into what Winter 2020 offered and will start a few more anime from this season.

I think that would be all for this “catch-up” post. I was also unsure what to do with this blog, to maybe transfer it to a free wordpress com domain? To make a new blog(s) where I’d try to find a common link between my multiple interests? For now things are the same as before but I can’t rule out any changes coming soon.

Time to continue my little anime look back on 2019. This time I’ll rank my favorite opening sequences. The concept remains the same, I’ll pick 3 of my favorite openings from each season, and then I’ll rank the 12 picks in a final top list. Only this time I’ll skip the part where I’ll separate the list into sequels and non-sequels because honestly in the context of anime openings it doesn’t really matter too much if its a sequel or non-sequel…

Winter 2019

The Rising of the Shield Hero Opening 2

Shield Hero may have missed out on a spot in my top 12 anime of the year, but the same is not the case when it comes to anime openings. Both of the openings from this series would be a great pick, but I’ll limit myself to picking just one opening from a single series. This second one takes the first spot because of the feel of the song as well as the context of the anime… At the point when this opening was first shown, the characters from the series have started to realize they were wrong about Naofumi, and suddenly there was this increasing need for the four heroes to finally start working together. Basically this opening was like an indication that things could finally start getting a bit better.

The Rising of the Shield Hero first impressions.

The Promised Neverland Opening

This opening song is incredible, catchy and memorable. It works so well to increase the hype levels, especially when Ray, Emma and Norman gather their hands on top of each other, with Emma’s confident facial expression. Just that scene alone made me so excited to see what is their plan to escape, even if literally the next few seconds after that moment actually serve as a good way to foreshadow what happened. Another thing is something that could just be a coincidence, but around the 20 second mark, when the title of the anime is shown, Norman is the only one crossed by the line, and his head is perfectly aligned with the Japanese letter “no”, and guess what, his name starts with “no”. You could even think of it as them telling you that “no”, he won’t be among those who escape. Ok I’m probably looking too much into the whole “no” thing but in terms of Norman’s body being crossed by the line… I could see that being a nice little deliberate touch.

The Promised Neverland first impressions from January.

Episode 10 thoughts.

Manga Volume 5 review.

Mob Psycho II Opening

It was hard not to pick Kaguya’s opening or even the Boogiepop opening, but Mob Psycho II takes the final spot here. I just couldn’t ignore the cool visuals from this opening, which is basically entirely filled with those. My favorite moment is probably around the 43 second mark, with the Body Improvement Club in action. I also love how the sequence ends with the message “Your life is your own” written out. It doesn’t seem to be a common thing to write out the song lyrics in an anime opening, and I’m very welcome of the idea.

Spring 2019

Fruits Basket Opening 2

If you read my post from a few months ago, 7 more openings and endings that make you feel everything will be alright, you may recall that Fruits Basket’s second opening was on that list. Allow me to be a bit lazy and just quote myself from that post, because I don’t have much to add to my previous words on this sequence.

This makes me smile all the way through every single time. To put it simply, everything from the song and the visuals just makes me so happy. I love the umbrella theme and the different designs each character has. I love going through the sequence and seeing each character being introduced.

I also love how it ends with Tohru running towards all of the characters and then all of them throwing their umbrella in the air. To say I don’t mimic some kind of an umbrella throwing move every time at the end would be a lie.

Except a comment about the colors. Pink background around the 56 second mark. Each character is represented well with the color of their umbrella. Brief checkboard segments with pastel colors. So much things to love about this sequence.

First impressions from April.

Saki Hanajima analysis.

Fruits Basket AMV.

Saki Hanajima AMV.

Shingeki no Kyojin Opening 5

You couldn’t really get a bigger contrast between the themes of this anime and the previously mentioned Fruits Basket. And yet they both have the same thing I will comment on: colors.

There is a notable colder tone of the colors in this sequence. The transitions (through the first part) have a gradient of the colors that are “splashed” on the screen. I love this because it works so well with the mood of the song at that part of the sequence. This song is like a mashup of the previous Linked Horizon openings and endings and I can’t deny I’ve had a period of playing this opening non-stop. The way the song picks up and runs towards the end is incredible – and all those flashing scenes before a final cut to the basement with those guitar notes… What a way to hype the basement reveal.

Kono Yo no Hate de Koi wo Utau Shoujo YU-NO

The reason this opening is here is simple – the way the song picks up around the 50 second mark. The series itself had potential at the time travel part of the story, but it wasn’t without its issues. And with the emphasis on fanservice, it’s understandable why Yu-No kinda fell off the radar.

YU-NO first impressions.

Summer 2019

Araburu Kisetsu no Otome-domo yo Opening

This is another opening from 2019 that was included in that post I mentioned. (7 more openings and endings that make you feel everything will be alright). Can I cheat once more and just quote myself?

There is a hint of melancholy in this song as well as a feeling of empowerment and liberty. I also love the way that instrumental part at the beginning was used, with the characters reading out lines as they would in their school literature club. That same instrumental is, by the way, how do I describe it, heavenly. Full of lovely visuals as well, there is so many things to love about this opening sequence.

It reminds me of that time when I went on a multi-day solo trip and I smiled in the bus with this song playing. This song also got me to check out other songs by the artist, CHICO with Honeyworks, and let me tell you, they have some lovely music. And music videos, not the least the one for this particular song. It’s actually a part of an ongoing story told through their music videos and I really love that concept.

My very own Araburu Kisetsu AMV using the Araburu Kisetsu opening song.

Dr. Stone Opening 2

How do I put it. This song feels like the embodiment of rising from the ashes, or building everything from zero. Which, guess what, Dr. Stone very much is all about. It’s motivating and empowering. There are cute visuals of Kohaku and Ruri around the 30 second mark. I love how they added the scene from the 1 minute 22 second mark. And I don’t really know what else to add, I just really love this sequence.

Fire Force Opening 1

Back in the time when I still watched Fire Force every week. Not that I dropped it, but I still haven’t seen its new opening sequence, that’s how behind I am on it. As for this particular opening, I don’t really have much to say, other that it’s just a great song.

Maki Oze AMV.

Fall 2019

Boku no Hero Academia 4 Opening

In my top anime of 2019 post, BNHA suffered from my “3 from each season” system. Without that, I think it would find itself on my list. But in terms of openings it managed to avoid this problem. It’s a really good song, fitting for the mood of the season. I especially love the scenes from around the 1 minute 8 second mark, with Deku trying to catch Eri during the dusk. I’m still not the biggest fan of that scream at the end though.

Hoshiai no Sora Opening

Since the last time I wrote about Stars Align, the final episode aired and we found out the anime was actually supposed to be 2-cour if it wasn’t for some really unusual circumstances. It’s really a pity, because this anime had amazing potential and I really wanted to see the rest of the story for these characters. Maybe one day, hopefully, I guess.

During the last episode, they abruptly stopped the opening around half-way through. At first I thought it was to indicate that things are about to go bad in the story, but now when I know the situation in terms of the anime, I think it could be a way to symbolize the situation. It makes sense – an abruptly cut opening for an abruptly cut anime…

Why is this opening one of my picks though? It’s just a nice calming and kinda motivating song. I also love how they played with the colors and the silhouettes.

Sword Art Online: Alicization – War of Underworld Opening

Always expect great songs from SAO. Alicization WoU did not disappoint in that respect. Haruka Tomatsu, the voice of Asuna, fittingly sings the opening song. I just really enjoy her singing voice. In terms of the visuals from this opening, I especially like Asuna reaching out around the 12 second mark, the old SAO crew joining in around the 46 second mark, and the whole mood at the end, with Alice walking towards the red sky.

SAO Alicization WoU AMV.

My top 12 anime openings of 2019

And so it’s time to rank those 12 picks. Before that though, the best season for anime openings in 2019? This is probably another title that goes to Summer. Although this is a bit trickier because a few of those openings have actually been first shown during a different season than the anime started in. For example, Fruits Basket’s second opening was first shown during the Summer season instead of Spring when it first started airing. Would this then be a point for Summer? I’m not really sure, but just looking at the three picks from each season, Summer takes the win.

One last thing: Happy New Year (and decade) to everyone reading this! This is my 80th post, 57th in 2019. That would mean I did almost 5 posts on average every month. It doesn’t say the full story on my consistency ofcourse, and in the recent months it’s been less than at the start of the year (sorry) but it’s still a decent number in my book. I hope I could bring you something of value through these 57 posts in 2019!

And now, the ranking!

Top 12 anime openings of 2019

12. Kono Yo no Hate de Koi wo Utau Shoujo YU-NO OP

11. The Rising of the Shield Hero OP 2

10. Hoshiai no Sora OP

9. Mob Psycho II OP

8. Boku no Hero Academia 4 OP

7. Sword Art Online: Alicization – WoU OP

6. Fire Force OP

5. Attack on Titan OP 5

4. Dr. Stone OP 2

3. The Promised Neverland OP

2. Fruits Basket OP 2

1. Araburu Kisetsu no Otome-domo yo OP

Happy holidays to everyone reading this! It’s time for my take on the best anime of 2019. This will be a top list, but not in your usual countdown way. I’m gonna make things a bit easier for myself… Maybe?

First I’m going to decide on my top 3 anime from each of the four seasons. These three picks from each season won’t be in any particular order. Then I’ll take all my picks, which should be 12 in total, and try to arrange them into a top list. After that I’ll make separate lists for sequels and non-sequels. Those separate lists could have any length, depending on how many of each I’ve actually included in the “final” top 12 list.

Winter 2019

Kaguya-sama wa Kokurasetai: Tensai-tachi no Renai Zunousen

The first pick for Winter 2019 will be Kaguya-sama! There was never any doubt about picking this one. Kaguya-sama provided us with a lot of fun, cuteness, sweet moments and emotional moments. I can’t imagine season 2 being much different.

Breakdown of the ending sequence.

Mob Psycho II

The first of the sequels. I haven’t actually watched this while it aired, since I only started Mob Psycho in the summer, but for sure this deserves to be among the top 12 best anime of the year. The high point was probably Reigen’s arc and ofcourse, I can’t go without a mention of the beautiful animation this anime had.

The Promised Neverland

The Promised Neverland is another easy pick. Every episode was intriguing watching these children come up with a way to escape their situation. It got me interested to the point where I’ve bought (almost) all the existing English manga releases and pre-ordered the upcoming one! I’m looking forward to watching season 2 from the perspective of a manga reader.

First impressions from January.

Episode 10 thoughts.

Manga Volume 5 review.

Spring 2019

Fruits Basket

Fruits Basket impacted me in ways that perhaps only one other anime I’ll mention in this post can compare to. I don’t know how it managed to do it, but it gave me a hard “try not to cry” challenge as early as episode 5, and already in episode 7 I gave in to the tears. I’m making it sound like it’s an anime with the only purpose to make you cry, but it’s so much more than that. There is an emotional backstory and development for pretty much all of the characters. There is a big emphasis on accepting yourself. The OST is incredible. Fruits Basket is one of the anime that made my year and I’m so grateful we have the opportunity to see the entire story adapted.

First impressions from April.

Saki Hanajima analysis.

Fruits Basket AMV.

Saki Hanajima AMV.

Attack on Titan Season 3 Part 2

Similarly to Mob Psycho II, I haven’t actually watched this while it aired, but in the summer instead. Attack on Titan hasn’t gotten me hooked since the very start, but once it did, it was really hard to stop. Afterall, season 2 did become the first season of anything that I watched entirely in a single day. Once I reached the basement reveal, it took me a bit of time to really gather everything I binge-watched and realize what all this means. But when I decided to catch up on all the manga chapters, I realized just how incredible Attack on Titan is. It’s another instance where I’ll be watching the new season as a manga reader and it’s gonna be great.

One Punch Man Season 2

This could be considered controversial but… One Punch Season 2 was fine? I’m writing this as an anime only, and it’s another series that I haven’t seen at the time of airing but in the summer instead. So I actually jumped into season 2 directly after season 1 and I still think it’s… fine? Sure, absolutely the production was better in season 1 but scrolling the communities and seeing season 2 described as “horrible”, “nightmare”, “worst thing ever” and what not, just doesn’t make sense to me. Maybe I’m just easily pleased. Maybe people’s expectations for this were just too high thanks to season 1… But I honestly had a good time watching season 2 of One Punch Man. To me, this is an example of how overly mean the community can be if something goes slightly against their expectations. I’m not saying it’s a 10/10 season, but come on, it could had been so much worse.

Summer 2019

Araburu Kisetsu no Otome-domo yo

Araburu Kisetsu handles the topics of sexuality and young love. It’s unusual in how it directly deals with “that thing” aka sex. I mean, it involves a girl who spends the entirety of the series trying to get her professor to do things with her in that context. It’s a story about five girls so that automatically means I’d be interested. And huge bonus points for lesbian representation.

Araburu Kisetsu AMV.

Dr. Stone

Not only has Dr. Stone been highly entertaining with loads of funny moments, it also delivered with the “feels” moments. I did not expect to be crying when Suika first got her “glasses” or when Senkuu first turned on a lamp, but I did, and I can only praise the anime for that. Dr. Stone made me more appreciative of technology and just how far humanity has gone with science. I could call this anime one of my most positive surprises of the year.

Kanata no Astra

Speaking of positive surprises, how about Kanata no Astra? There seemed to be so much care put into this anime, with two 48-minute episodes and a cool usage of aspect ratios. The story kept on delivering, with new twists pretty much every episode. I was never really certain what is going to happen next. The characters grew to be such a likeable bunch as well. I was really happy to see their happy ending.

Fall 2019

Chihayafuru 3

This is the “other” anime I mentioned while talking about Fruits Basket. I watched the first two seasons in the summer, and it left me with this huge motivational boost. I saw a bit of myself in Chihaya’s extreme determination to reach her (niche) goals, to the point where she is kinda oblivious of other things. But other than my love for her character, it turns out karuta is actually fascinating, and the other characters are made in a way that you can’t help but want them to do well. Every match has its own way of tension, its own story, every character has their own reasons to do well and their own reasons they are pursuing karuta. Chihayafuru is simply one of those anime that manage to do everything right for me. Every episode I find myself smiling and it’s not just because of the funny moments, of which there is plenty.

Hoshiai no Sora

What drew me to this anime is the open-mindedness. The way they handled a non-binary character is phenomenal. It’s so important to have such characters in a time when they are still a rarity. Other than that, Hoshiai no Sora deals deeply with family issues. Ofcourse, it’s also a sports anime and the matches are enjoyable. I’m just kind of worried with how they are going to wrap things up in a single episode, unless a new season is planned, which I’d be more than happy to watch.

Sword Art Online: Alicization – War of Underworld

Asuna finally dives into the Underworld! I’ve been patiently waiting for that moment for 6 weeks, since she first agreed to enter in episode 3 and then finally appeared in the Underworld in episode 9. Those 6 weeks were filled with some great battles however, especially when we first saw Integrity knight Scheta in action. Now when Asuna is inside, all the other side characters from earlier seasons are about to join, and I’m mostly hyped for the comeback of Sinon. Altho that will probably have to wait for the next cour after a full season’s break…

SAO Alicization WoU AMV.

My top 12 anime of 2019

And now it’s time for the long-awaited, most anticipated moment of 2019.

tfwanime’s top anime of 2019!

But before I rank the 12 picks, I’m gonna try and decide which season of anime was the best this year. Roughly looking through just the picks I made in this post, it would be Summer or even Fall. Although in my Fall preview I wrote that other than the sequels, it’s a disappointing season, anime like Hoshiai no Sora, Beastars, or even Shinchou Yuusha and Houkago Saikoro Club changed my mind. It’s really close between Summer and Fall, but ultimately, I think Summer 2019 would be slightly ahead.

The reason is that in the summer, there was a point when at the same time, I had weekly episodes of anime like Fruits Basket, Araburu Kisetsu, Dr. Stone, Kanata no Astra, Fire Force (when I still had interest for it), Machikado Mazoku, Nakanohito Genome. Most of them were at the end of the week, so if I couldn’t watch them one by one, I’d watch four of these anime on a Saturday. It was just a great bunch going on at the same time and I was sad when it couldn’t continue that way. That’s why, Summer 2019 takes the win.

And so, with the best season decided, it’s time for the ranking(s).

Top 12 anime of 2019

12. Araburu Kisetsu no Otome-domo yo

11. One Punch Man 2

10. Hoshiai no Sora

9. Sword Art Online: Alicization – War of Underworld

8. Kaguya-sama: Love is War

7. Mob Psycho II

6. Kanata no Astra

5. The Promised Neverland

4. Dr. Stone

3. Attack on Titan Season 3 Part 2

2. Chihayafuru 3

1. Fruits Basket

Top sequels of 2019

5. One Punch Man 2

4. Sword Art Online: Alicization – War of Underworld

3. Mob Psycho II

2. Attack on Titan Season 3 Part 2

1. Chihayafuru 3

Top non-sequels of 2019

7. Araburu Kisetsu no Otome-domo yo

6. Hoshiai no Sora

5. Kaguya-sama: Love is War

4. Kanata no Astra

3. The Promised Neverland

2. Dr. Stone

1. Fruits Basket

Feel free to let me know how you feel about my picks in the comments!

A few months ago I was tagged for the Sunshine Blogger Award for the first time. Ever since then, 3 more people were kind enough to tag me for the same thing again! At this rate, I’ll actually start to think I’m good at blogging.

A big thank you to Hikari, YumDeku and TheRandomEditor for thinking of me while making your posts.

Now let’s get onto the rules and the questions – 33 of them! 

Or not… In the case of the same question being asked more than once, I will just jump on to the next question.


Sunshine Blog Award Rules

  • Thank the person who nominated you and provide a link to their blog so that other people can visit them
  • Answer the 11 questions put to you by the nominator
  • Nominate 11 bloggers of your choosing and provide them with a new set of 11 questions to answer
  • Notify the nominees by commenting on one of their blog posts
  • List the rules and display The Sunshine Blogger Award logo within your post or on your blog site



1, What was the first manga you read ?

If we are talking about physical releases that would be Assasination Classroom Volume 5. If we are talking about things I read online, that was actually My Hero Academia.

2,How do you feel about ani/manga tubers ? If you like them say which one is your favorite.

I’m not really sure. There are a few that do have decent content, like Glass Reflection or Gigguk (at times), but the majority of them don’t really grab my interest.

3,What platform for games do you like the most and explain why.

I more or less stopped being a gamer to be honest since I haven’t played anything so far in 2019.

4,What place would you visit in Europe and why ?

Italy once again because I have a huge love for the language and culture. The Scandinavian countries cause they all seem so cool. I really love Europe and travelling so any country would do really.


I wish that was in Europe

5,Are you proud to be an otaku or a geek ?

I’m learning to embrace my geekness even if it may not help me a lot on the social life aspect oops.

6, How does your family feel about you being an otaku ?

It’s a topic we briefly talked about maybe 2 or 3 times. Not much recently. Mom probably remembers it and ofcourse she can see my manga and light novels too. I think she is fine with it but she would probably want me to get a more “social” hobby alongside it as well.

7,What made you want to start a blog ?

The prospect of turning my passion for anime into something that would bring me monetary gains. And that really sounds greedy doesn’t it.

But along the way I stopped worrying about that and realized blogging is a good thing to do for many other reasons.

8, Do you collect anime DVDs , manga, or anime merch ?

Yeah my manga collection gradually keeps increasing. I would like to go full weeb by getting posters or other types of merchandise, but maybe one day when I’ll live alone and with more money.

9, In the community , do you prefer MAL or AniList ?

I’m all for MAL simply because I never really felt the need to switch sites. Even tho I came to realize the MAL forums can really be a toxic place.

10,What do you think is the anime any anime fan should watch ?

Shirobako cause it’s an anime that celebrates its own medium and it’s an experience like no other.

11, Do you like asian dramas ? If you do which one is your favorite ?

I don’t follow Asian dramas.


What was the first anime you watched?

The first anime I watched while knowing it was anime was Death Note. But I seem to have some vague memories of Astro Boy, which I’m not sure why but that actually could had been my first anime experience instead.

What part of blogging do you find the most challenging?

Sometimes writing intros or outros can be tough. Sometimes it feels tough to literally write anything that makes sense, in a way that feels interesting to read. So I end up with two bad sentences after half an hour of writing. Usually when that happens the post ends up forever in the drafts or it’s just scrapped.

Is your blogging personality true to yourself or have you made some changes in the way you present yourself?

I’m trying to more or less be “true to myself” cause that should be the point here, right? Pretty much no one in real life would care if I’d get into long monologues about anime so I have to do them somewhere…

If you could bring one piece of an anime series — a magic spell, a piece of equipment, a technology, or something like that — to our world and use it, what would it be?

I don’t know why is this proving harder to answer than I expected. Maybe because I watch slice of life too much?

What anime world would you absolutely never want to live in?

This is probably a very common answer but Attack on Titan.

Who’s your embarrassing anime crush?

I don’t really know which one could be considered embarrasing to be honest. Probably any anime crush is, to the people that aren’t into anime.

What anime are you enjoying the most right now?

Recently it’s been Welcome to the N.H.K and Tari Tari. Also I just finished rewatching Bloom Into You yesterday and it was wonderful.

Out of the currently airing stuff, it’s easily Chihayafuru but I’m very excited for new Alicization and Dr Stone episodes as well.

Which anime character do you see yourself the most in?

It’s weirdly both Oreki Houtarou and Chihaya Ayase. When I really get into things, I can be as one-track minded and dedicated as even Chihaya Ayase. Or at least that’s what I believe. But when I don’t have a particular interest towards something but find myself having to do it, I’m like Oreki Houtarou. It’s a weird, contrasting combination.

You have to swap two main characters from (anime) series around.. for example Naruto and Goku… who would you choose and which of the series would you want to watch more?

What if Oreki Houtarou was the main character of Psycho Pass 3 and the people around him would have to bug him with their “watashi kininarimasu” until he finally gives in and actually starts solving the crimes?


What is your favourite blog post that you’ve produced?

I think my two “7 openings” posts, and that Saki Hanajima appreciation post were quite good, so probably one of those. 


What was the first light novel you read?

Digitally, it was when I started a bit of the Konosuba LN, physically it was Attack on Titan The Harsh Mistress of the city which I read very recently.

Do you know Fire Emblem? Or at least played any video game?

Not really.

What is your preferred demographic in anime? Shoujo, Shounen, Kodomomuke, Seinen, or Josei?

If you look at my main favorites I guess Shoujo/Josei? But I don’t really pick shows based on the demographic.


Do you take seasonal breaks from time to time?

Since Fall 2017, when I first started watching seasonal anime, I never really skipped a season. But in the last two seasons I kinda started jumping into them a bit later than usual, so that may become a new habit for me.

Do knowing spoilers beforehand actually ruin the experience?

It definitely does impact my experience. But maybe less in a Romance series perhaps, where spoilers like “they confessed” or “kissed” are something you would kinda expect from such an anime anyway.

If you weren’t blogging, where would you be?

Focused even more on the video editing I guess.

Questions & Nominations

Now who to nominate that hasn’t done this already? Or should I just not bother thinking about that and nominate anyone? Sorry in advance!


  1. Which season of anime in 2019 was the best one?
  2. Which anime are you most looking forward to in 2020?
  3. Do you have a favorite anime studio?
  4. Do you have a favorite voice actor?
  5. What is the longest period of time you spent without watching any anime?
  6. At what age did you got into anime?
  7. Have you ever cosplayed?
  8. Have you ever been to an anime convention?
  9. How popular is anime in your country?
  10. What anime really needs a new season?
  11. What manga or light novel really needs to be adaptated into anime?