One of my passions other than anime is the Eurovision Song Contest. And since a lot of countries these days have been revealing their songs, a lot of my attention has been on the contest.

This gave me the idea to pick my 5 favorite musical performances in anime.

Before starting with the list, an honorable mention to this moment in Zombieland Saga. I really wanted to add it to the list, but making a ‘top 6’ doesn’t sound as good as ‘top 5’ doesn’t it?

Anyway, my 5 ‘chosen’ performances are…

5. Girls Dead Monster – Alchemy (Angel Beats!)

Now to be fully honest, I’ve seen Angel Beats in September 2017 so my memory of the anime needs some refreshing.

But I remember it featured its very own band, and their epic sounding and looking performance.

The concept of an anime having its very own in-world band was very intriguing for me at the time.

I really love the way this was animated. Especially the blonde girl with the guitar.

4. Chihaya Kisaragi – Yakusoku (The [email protected])

Watching The [email protected] was kind of going slowly. I wasn’t fully hooked to the anime and I felt I may have made a mistake starting it. I did try my best to watch it, altho with longer periods between episodes.

But then the main Chihaya Kisaragi arc came. She was already my favorite girl due to her nature and Asami Imai as her voice actor, but this just made her character by far the stand-out of [email protected]

I didn’t expect the [email protected] to make me cry but it happened in episode 20, during this moment. Seeing the other girls give her the push she needed, the realization that she is not alone… I really felt that.

3. Ami Kawashima & Aisaka Taiga – Holy Night (Toradora!)

I just can’t do anything without a mention of Toradora.

The beautiful Christmas party. The class realizes Taiga has been away for a while and they start wondering where she is.

Then she appears, with Ami Kawashima, and they start performing Holy Night.

First time watching, it felt as unexpected for me as it did for Ryuuji. For real, when did they found the time to practice for this?

This is my favorite Christmas song. It fills me with the Christmas spirit and reminds me of the two Christmases so far that I “marked” by watching Toradora. Beautiful memories.

When used at the end of the Christmas episode, after Ryuuji passes out, it almost feels as it was used ironically.

A happy yet sort of melancholic song. Fits so well for Toradora.

I wish I could link to the full performance on YouTube, but sadly the closest that I can find is an AMV.

2. Kousei Arima Last Performance (Your Lie in April)

This is another anime I’ve seen back in 2017, August to be precise, and I need to refresh my memory of it.

Or do I? Do I want to make my heart suffer from this anime once again? On second thought I’m not really sure.

Rewatching this performance brought back loads of emotions. The sheer emotion and power of this scene is breathtaking. I remember not knowing how to react to what I’m watching due to the power of this moment.

Kousei’s tears towards the end… Just give him a break. Why did he deserve to lose so much in his life?

1. Haruhi Suzumiya – God Knows (The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya)

It’s the usual school festival in anime…

But wow, Suzumiya is in a bunny girl outfit preparing to perform something. I love Kyon’s reaction to seeing that.

And I love his shocked reaction during the performance. It was really that good. Haruhi looks amazing with that outfit and her singing is on point.

Also loved Nagato’s outfit. The time when I watched The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya was also the time I played League of Legends a lot, so Nagato’s outfit reminded me of Veigar.

There is really not much else to say other than praising the quality of this song. Many say this is “the best ever song from anime” and I see why someone would think so.

Do you agree with my picks? What anime performances do you enjoy the most? Please feel free to discuss!

With 115 completed items on my very own myanimelist account, I consider my 6 dropped items to be a relatively low number.

This is because I usually always carefully consider if an anime I’m about to start is worth watching and will it work for my tastes. But sometimes those calculations can go wrong.

It can result in slower watching of the series, usually an episode at a time in the hopes that a better part of the story is coming soon. Or, in the more extreme cases it can result in new entries on the ‘on-hold’ list or even the ‘dropped’ list.

So what are the 6 worse than all the others series that I just couldn’t bring myself to finish?

Kimi ni Todoke (MAL link)

My first ever dropped anime was Kimi ni Todoke. And I remember feeling bad about myself for this simplest of reasons – the fact that I dropped an anime.

I wanted to try never dropping a series. So when I did exactly that, it felt like I was breaking a rule and went against my own ideals.

I tried liking Kimi ni Todoke. Sawako Kuronuma was cute for a while. Seeing her slowly becoming more open to people worked well. But her lack of understanding social situations was too much, and when her “love rival” Kurumi arrived, she tried to become friends with her.

I just couldn’t handle any more of getting annoyed at the main character’s actions. A shame, because the concept of the anime seemed to have good potential. Maybe if I would give it another chance now with more experience, it would work out better for me.

Animegataris (MAL link)

At the time when I was still very new to anime, a series with a character who was also relatively new to anime seemed like a great watch.

I remember this anime was filled with various references that I was simply too new to appreciate. But this wasn’t the reason I dropped it.

I guess it was simply that I lost interest in what is going to happen next. None of the characters grabbed enough of my attention and I simply didn’t care anymore. With more and more unseen episodes stacking, I realized I don’t even want to finish it anymore.

Märchen Mädchen (MAL link)

Since I was watching so much anime, a story about a girl running away from her real life by immersing herself into books seemed relatable.

I actually sticked with this anime for 8 episodes. It even had a moment when I thought I will go with it till the end. But with all the issues with its production and the release of the final two episodes being delayed not once but twice, I concluded that it is a sinking ship not worth staying on.

Iya na Kao sare nagara Opantsu Misete Moraitai (MAL link)

It was a boring summer day. The curiousity got the better of me. I wanted to check out the “dark” side of the medium I love, the extremes it can go to.

If it’s not on myanimelist it never happened.

I could have used this in this situation and I would never be writing about this. But I decided to put it on the list anyway. I can’t live hiding such a terrible secret.

Akanesasu Shoujo (MAL link)

As I wrote once before, Akanesasu Shoujo seemed like a decent choice to watch.

And yet I never returned to it. I said I could but it never happened in the end. Maybe being decent is the problem.

It’s just that – decent. Nothing to binge watch full of excitement. At least that was my impression.

W’z (MAL link)

I never returned to W’z either. After the first two episodes I wrote that the story hasn’t really grabbed me and that I’m not even sure about continuing watching it.

And since you’re now reading about it in a post about the anime that I dropped, it’s clear I decided it’s not worth continuing it.

How many anime do you have in your dropped list? Is it any of the ones I have in mine? Let me know in the comments!

Seeing the comments on the Winter 2019 anime season, many people seem to prefer Chika Fujiwara to Kaguya Shinomiya, the main character of Kaguya-sama: Love is War.

And while I strongly disagree with that opinion, it has become an inspiration for this post, as I got reminded of the situations when I liked the side character of an anime more than the main character.

Here are five such situations I could think of:

New game! (MAL link)

I didn’t really had any problems with Suzukaze Aoba. She was an enjoyable character and her story left a similar impact on me as the story of Shirobako did.

It motivated me to work harder towards my goals of working as a video editor, and perhaps one day in anime.

In fact, it helped me feel better about not being in my first choice university. My current one, computer science, isn’t exactly the media editing course I aimed for, but it does have some subjects related to it.

And one of those subjects is “video game making”.

But the most relatable character of New Game! for me was Takimoto Hifumi.

Her battle with social anxiety reasonated with me more than I’d like to admit, and seeing her try her best and doing well really warmed my heart.

Boku no Hero Academia (MAL link)

To be honest I’m not sure what to write about Izuku Midoriya.

Good shonen protagonist, nice growth, some funny moments here and there.

I just find Shoto Todoroki, his quirk, personality and background much more interesting.

Heck, even Bakugo who I used to hate just stands out that bit more.

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood (MAL link)

The bond between Edward and Alphonse was fantastic and I really can’t think of much to criticize about the Elric brothers.

But the Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood character that ended up among my favorites on myanimelist was Roy Mustang.

There is only one word I can describe him with: badass.

His fight with Lust tells you everything you need to know.

Or wasn’t it too one sided to be called a “fight”?


Madoka Magica (MAL link)

Like with some other entries on this list, I don’t have much bad to say about Kaname Madoka.

She is just not as memorable for me as were Kyouko Sakura or Akemi Homura.

I mean just think of what Akemi Homura went through for Madoka. It’s a whole other level of friendship goals that you can’t help but think may be even more than just “friendship”.

Hunter x Hunter (MAL link)

For Hunter x Hunter it’s a bit difficult to define, as myanimelist considers Gon, Killua, Kurapika and Leorio as main characters.

On the other hand, many consider only Gon and Killua to be the actual main characters.

For the purposes of this article, let’s say Gon is the main character.

His motivations are nice and all, trying to find his father. It made for some really sweet moments and a great mystery surrounding Ging.

But I couldn’t help but feel a bit annoyed with Gon at times. Especially because of what he told Killua in episode 116.

Instead of Gon, my favorite character is Kurapika. His fight with Uvogin on episode 47 remains probably the most hype-inducing moment I’ve ever had while watching anime.

Let me know what anime did you think had better side characters than the main character!

I love how Bunny Girl Senpai did its ending sequences.

Each ED featured the heroine of the arc, with every respective voice actor singing the song as well.

And so I thought why not make a “ranking” of those EDs, not based on how I like the singing or the visuals, but based on how much I liked the arc.

I hope that made sense. In any case, let’s just get started…

5. Tomoe Koga – Ending 2

I’d say Tomoe Koga’s arc was my least favorite one.

I can definitely relate to her overthinking and tendency to make everyone like her, but I had this huge wish to just tell her that things don’t work that way. You will never be liked by everyone. Just give up on that idea. Live your life for yourself and not to please others.

Another thing I didn’t quite like was the whole “pretending we are dating” thing. I was surprised Sakuta even went along with it. The whole thing just felt too cliche for me.

4. Kaede Azusagawa – Ending 5

I love the cute Kaede. Seeing her try so hard really made me root for her.

But something in the arc just didn’t click with me. Sometimes I get too easily confused, and this arc was one of those occasions.

Also, does the ending to her arc mean we will never get to see Kaede being cute in a panda costume again? I’d be sad if that’s the case.

3. Nodoka Toyohama – Ending 4

What I love about the Nodoka arc is that it gave us one of my favorite cringe faces in anime.

For some reason I just love this cringeface.

Did that sound weird? I feel like Sakuta right now.

The actual arc was fine I guess. Seeing another person try filling the role of Sakurajima Mai helped underline just how tough it is to be famous. And how well Mai is actually coping with all of that.

2. Mai Sakurajima – Ending 1

I actually remember thinking in episode 2 that Sakuta and Mai’s relationship was developing a bit too fast.

But in hindsight, it doesn’t even matter. This was the only arc of Bunny Girl Senpai that has made me cry.

Sakuta tried so hard not tot forget Mai. Seeing him cry while remembering who helped him study was a really emotional moment.

He really didn’t deserve that slap he got for “breaking his promise”.

1. Rio Futaba – Ending 3

While the first arc made me most emotional, Futaba’s arc was overall the best package of them all.

While serious and seemingly unbothered on the outside, she is actually a lonely girl with low self-esteem. I can definitely see myself in some of these traits.

Seeing her realizing she is not alone afterall, and seeing her confess to Kunimi despite knowing the outcome has shown she is starting to accept herself more. And it was really nice to see, making episode 8 and her arc my favorites of the anime.


Which ending sequence, or should I say arc, was your favorite from Bunny Girl Senpai? Please let me know in the comments!

As the year comes to an end, its time to make a few of those “best of x year” posts. My first one for this year will be about anime openings.

Before I get started, I feel like there is one thing I should note: I actually don’t watch a lot of seasonal anime. It turns out that out of the 4 anime seasons in 2018, I only watched 21 seasonal anime (Fall 2018 included).

The reason for this is that I only watch stuff that I feel I would like. I don’t think starting dozens of anime each season just because they are airing at that moment would work well for me.

While this means I could miss out on a lot of amazing anime, I do make the decision to occasionally pick up shows later on in the season if they are talked about a lot, or if I see signs that I would enjoy it.

The reason I’m telling you this is because when I’ll list my favorite endings in a later post, there will be a few situations where the same anime appears both in this and that list.

And also, I understand my approach to seasonal anime can mean I missed out on a lot of potentially great openings or endings that would be fitting for this list.

So with that out of the way, let’s start with the list!

10. Shoujo☆Kageki Revue Starlight Opening (Starlight Kukugumi – Hoshi no Dialogue)

Revue Starlight may look like your typical idol-anime.

But it is anything but that. It tells the story of 9 girls wanting to become stars, but it does it with a huge twist, and one that works much better than I expected it would.

There is drama, there is action, there is a shocking plot twist that even Madoka Magica wouldn’t be ashamed of.

And there is great music with an opening that sets the theatricial mood of the anime really well.

9. Boku no Hero Academia Season 3 Opening 2 (Lenny code fiction – Make my story)

A lot like in season 2, the second cour of My Hero Academia season 3 feels like the calm after the storm. The storm full of breathtaking action and in this season more than ever, emotion.

The opening reflects that in a way. I love the retro feel it gives me.

And that Uraraka moment before the chorus hits is so damn good.

8. Irozuku Sekai no Ashita Kara Opening (Haruka to Miyuki – 17 Sai)

It’s not the first time I’m talking about this opening, as I’ve made a breakdown of it already.

The visuals are really polished and the song feels refreshing like the early morning sun in autumn.

Which is fitting for a Fall 2018 anime.

Go watch Irozuku Sekai for a unique story about personal growth complimented with stunning visuals.

7. Steins;Gate 0 Opening 1 (Kanako Itou – Fatima)

One of the highlights of the year – Steins;Gate 0.

Or should I say lowlights due to all the pain and sadness it has provided?

In any case, it was fantastic to watch new Steins;Gate content, even if the waiting for each new episode part was really nerve-wrecking.

The opening song is amazing and the visuals include snow, which is the most important thing to take note of.

That last part wasn’t serious, by the way.

6. Harukana Receive Opening (Kana Yuki and Saki Miyashita – FLY two BLUE)

Since I already mentioned this opening among the 7 Openings and Endings that make you feel everything will be alright, it’s perhaps no surprise it made my top 10 openings of the year.

The OST of Harukana Receive is really one of 2018’s finest.

As is the eyecandy.

5. Yagate Kimi ni Naru Opening (Azuna Riko – Kimi ni Furete)

A few days ago I decided to pick up this anime. Just like with Harukana Receive, I’m not actually entirely sure why I did that.

But its not been a bad decision at all. 

The opening visuals are beautiful and while I understand this could be recency bias, the song is nothing short of amazing. I fell in love with it on my first listen.

4. Wotaku ni Koi wa Muzukashii Opening (Sumika – Fiction)

This opening sequence is great for lifting your mood. 

The song is catchy and those movements of the characters… You can’t help but smile and want to do the same movements as them.

3. Kokkoku Opening (MIYAVI vs. KenKen – Flashback)

Doesn’t it feel so long since the anime community was going crazy over the Kokkoku opening?

Everything about this sequence is special, and different from the anime openings I’ve seen so far.

It’s visually captivating and intriguing and the song is an absolute banger. 

2. Sword Art Online: Alicization Opening (LiSA – ADAMAS)

Another opening sequence I made a breakdown of.

I can’t help but lipsync the hell out of this song even if I don’t know most of the lyrics. It’s for sure the most hype-inducing SAO opening so far.

And don’t forget the epic visuals with iconic handshakes and sword synchronization. And that’s just a part of it.

Note that the embedded video is an edited version of the opening cause I can’t find the proper one anywhere on YouTube, sadly.

1. Sora Yori mo Tooi Basho Opening (saya – The Girls Are Alright!)

Just like everything else related to Sora Yori, the opening never fails to improve my mood and make me feel inspired.

Everything about this anime is a gift from the anime gods and I’m so glad I decided to pick it up after the Winter 2018 anime season. 

Cute, likeable and relatable characters? Adventure? Slice of life? Drama? Comedy? Inspiring and emotional story? Unique plot and setting?

Sora Yori mo Tooi Basho is all of that, and even more, so do yourself a favor and go watch this wonderful anime.

Do you agree with my picks? If not, what would you add or remove? I would love to know!