Time for a new opening breakdown! The last one I did was for Kaguya-sama: Love is War, which was now 2 months ago. And in that case it was actually a breakdown of the ending sequence, but you get the point (I hope).

Studio Bones has really shown that they know how to make their openings and endings look fantastic. Especially with those 2 special openings at the start of Bungou Stray Dogs season 2.

Both of them just looked so classy, so fitting for the mood. Not to mention the song that was a true banger. I still keep coming back to those openings because I simply love them so much.

With season 3 came another few backstory episodes and with that another special opening sequence, mostly featuring Chuuya and Dazai.

I did love that sequence as well, but it hasn’t quite reached those highs of the special openings from season 2. I could actually say the similar thing for the episodes itself.

In this post I won’t talk about the special opening sequence for the backstory but the “regular” one that made its debut in episode 4.

Once again, its classy and impressive looking.

The sequence

Around half of the sequence is made of introducing the most important characters one by one. And while each of those parts looks great in its own way, there is not much I can comment on them other than saying that “character x is standing”, and so on and so on.

I do have to say I especially love the colors of the Chuuya visual. And the sky on Kunikida’s part. I’m a simple man, you can always impress me with some nice-looking dusk.

Could this potentially foreshadow some internal Port Mafia fighting between Chuuya and Akutagawa?

I could be just nitpicking but notice how Yosano is the only character who walks across the scene in one of these shots…

Are Mori and Fukuzawa finally going to have a proper fight? I would actually assume not. Seeing how strong a certain upcoming villain is, I can see another alliance between Port Mafia and the Armed Detective Agency likely.

A cat jumps towards the camera and a new character is shown. I don’t know much about this but I do wonder about the cats in Bungou Stray Dogs as they were seen in the previous opening sequences as well.

Will Atsushi and Akutagawa fight each other yet again? It happened in each of the seasons so far and the movie, hasn’t it? But there is Dazai and Chuuya in this shot as well so perhaps the 4 of them will be in combat.

Sakaguchi Ango is seen using an ability. I already can’t wait to see what’s it going to be. And considering how many organizations Ango has ties with, I’m not sure if he will fight with or against our protagonists.

Looks like The Guild will return. I’m sure Fitzgerald is looking for revenge on the two that we see in the next shot…

Mori has reasons to worry because the Port Mafia has a dangerous threat on the way.

I’m talking about Fyodor ofcourse. He is one of the best villains I’ve seen recently. Quite simply, he is badass. He is incredibly strong, meaning he is a huge threat to both the Armed Detective Agency and Port Mafia.

On top of all that, we still don’t know how his ability really works, which makes him a mysterious character as well. So much to look forward to in season 3 thanks to Fyodor.

Ending the sequence we see pretty much all of the most important characters… Perhaps uniting against Fyodor?


All in all, a sequence that does its job of hyping you up well.

My main curious points are the cat and Sakaguchi Ango. What kind of role will he play? Will it be positive or negative?

And again – Fyodor. What even is he? How can anyone be so intelligent and strong? Is there any way to beat him?

Songwise and visually I do prefer the first special opening from season 2. But that one has set the standards quite high it has to be said.

In terms of the ending sequence, it features a lot of flashbacks, reused scenes from the earlier seasons and movie. And a lot of them are of characters crying, both from Port Mafia and the Armed Agency. Will things turn out that badly?

Also, Dazai is keeping Odasaku in his mind, looking thoughtful on what I assume is his grave. Odasaku got his own crying moment in the ending sequence as well.

This does lead me to think that Ango will be on the negative side this season afterall but let’s wait and see.


Over to you, what do you think of the new Bungou Stray Dogs opening? Please feel free to discuss it in the comments!


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It’s been almost two months since Sword Art Online: Alicization introduced us to a new opening song and sequence. Since then it has already been updated once, with even more polished visuals and a new Eugeo vs Bercouli scene.

But since that scene was pretty much the only new scene of the opening, I didn’t felt the need to make a new post about the changes.

This time, however there are a lot more new scenes. I will break down all the new scenes, while for the older ones you can go here.

The new scenes

We start off again with the epic Kirito and Eugeo synchronization. This time the background is red, reminiscent of the certain thing that appeared in front of Eugeo and Alice’s right eye…

And this time its not just Kirito and Eugeo. Alice is now on their side. When she appears the red background turns gray, which I believe symbolizes the fact that she endured the pain of her right eye popping off due to the seal. Very nice touch.

Alicization Uniting is the name of the Volume that these next episodes will cover. I would assume this is the name because Alice has joined Kirito and Eugeo.

Other than the improvement in visuals and a much more fluid animation, I haven’t noticed any changes on Eugeo’s first part of the sequence.

But Alice has a tiny flashback scene along with what seems like another reference to the seal of the right eye. This looks to me like a symbol of the current Alice “reuniting” with the young Alice.

To make more sense out of that, current Alice is about to fight alongside younger Alice’s friends in order to “bring back” younger Alice.

I’m probably thinking too much into it and not making much sense right now… But anyways moving on… xD

Not much new content until we see Kirito dodging an attack from a giant… titan? Whatever this is, it doesn’t look like an easy opponent.

Kirito has to do some more dodging…

…then Alice joins the fight and makes it all look so easy.

She finishes off the titan. I love these angles where a character’s face is seen directly hitting the target.

Kirito vs Quinella. It must feel weird for Kirito, fighting a naked opponent…

Just judging by this little segment, it looks like its gonna be my favorite or at least one of my favorite SAO fights ever. I really can’t wait to see it.

Now that’s a look of someone quite confident in their chances of victory. No surprises cause Quinella is the strongest being of the Underworld isn’t she?

Eugeo reaches out but this time towards the shadows of himself and his childhood friends. He is reaching out to the memory of those days.

Exactly as he had to do during his fight with Kirito.

The last new, or in this case, modified scene, is Alice who is smiling this time.


A-1 pictures is really giving their all, with another change to the opening. I don’t think it can get any more visually polished than this. And for a sequence that will only be used in 4 episodes? I really appreciate the effort put into all of this.

I’m not at all sure if this is actually true but it seems like Alicization will take a break of a few months after the next few episodes. It would be a shame, but a very well-deserved break for everyone involved. I guess all that’s left is to enjoy the next episodes as much as possible.

And judging by those new opening scenes, its gonna be very fun.

Leave your thoughts on the updated Sword Art Online Alicization opening sequence in the comments below! I would love to hear from you ๐Ÿ™‚

Usually when I would make a post of this type, I would break down both the opening and ending sequence or simply the opening alone.

I still really like Kaguya-sama’s opening sequence, it has a smooth, unique song and fancy visuals. But I prefer the ending sequence, and I feel like it has more material to talk about.

And I’m not talking about Chika Fujiwara’s special ending sequence. I’m talking about the cute and dreamy (quite literally) “regular” ending sequence.


The ending

The song is called Sentimental Crisis, and is performed by halca. I knew she had a familiar voice from somewhere, and it turns out she also performed the Wotaku ni Koi wa Muzukashii ending song. Great job with both of the songs.

Starting off the sequence, we have our main character, Kaguya Shinomiya, taking a nap in the student council room.

We enter her dream, which starts with her and Miyuki Shirogane standing in space with the stars surrounding them.

What looks like younger Kaguya seems to be sad about something. She seems lonely. I believe we then fast forward to her current self and its very much the same.

But at least best girl, Ai Hayasaka is there for her.

Best girls travel somewhere in a zeppelin. It is a zeppelin, right? If it was a normal plane, this sentence never happened.

Kaguya has a nice picture with all the student council members.

Best girl Hayasaka gets her own closer shot. In the last few days she has grown to become my waifu of the season. You may have even noticed if you follow me on twitter…

Now Kaguya seems to be reflecting as next to her we see Hayasaka, followed by Chika and Ishigami. But one key figure from the student council is missing…

Something is really bothering Kaguya and I don’t like seeing her this way.

Next up, a team led by Miyuki Shirogane, with Yuu Ishigami and Chika Fujiwara.

They are fighting against the team of best girls, Kaguya Shinomiya and Ai Hayasaka, in a dangerous game involving guns.

Kaguya looks quite handy with that gun and her movements.

This is a transition to Kaguya falling out of the zeppelin with her angel wings.

But what could leave her with such a surprised expression? There is only really one person I could think of….

Its ofcourse the president, Miyuki Shirogane who takes her hand and saves her.

In contrast to her mood from earlier, Kaguya looks delighted as she sails through the sky with her love interest…

…as from another plane, Chika Fujiwara waves them and Yuu Ishigami keeps things lowkey as always.

Chika reminds me so much of Nadeshiko Kagamihara in this gif.

All of this makes Kaguya overjoyed…

…but it was all just a dream. Even so, Kaguya doesn’t seem to mind, since the person that wakes her up is Shirogane.

“O kawaii koto”.


A beautiful sequence, both songwise and visually. It improves my mood every time I watch it.

It seems to focus on Kaguya Shinomiya’s internal feelings that she refuses to let out to the world. She just wants to be around her friends, and most importantly, Miyuki Shirogane.

If you look at my Winter 2019 preview post, for which I’ve glanced through the synopsis and PVs of most anime on offer, I didn’t found Kaguya-sama: Love is War interesting enough to give it a try.

That was a huge mistake, and this is now probably my favorite Winter 2019 series, along with The Promised Neverland.

If it wasn’t for Chika Fujiwara’s dance and the many screenshots, hype and memes that it has provided for this anime, I’m not sure if I would check it out.

I’m very happy I did. I came because of Chika, but stayed for a very fun romcom take, and I even got a new waifu out of it.

Here is a bonus gif because best girl deserves it:

Let me know in the comments what are your thoughts on Kaguya-sama: Love is War! Is it one of your favorite anime of the season?

Last Saturday’s Sword Art Online: Alicization episode was the final one that had ADAMAS and Iris as its opening and ending sequences.

ADAMAS truly did its job well, and I’m sad to see it go. But Sword Art Online has never failed to provide us with great openings and endings, and I’m far from disapointed with the new sequences we have.

The new opening song, called Resister, is performed by ASCA, whose previous works include the Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo ending 2.

With that said, it’s time for me to break down the visuals of the new opening sequence.

The sequence

We start off with our two main characters in a synchronization similar to the one from the first opening.

The synchronization from the first opening had those glowing swords and for that reason I prefer it to the new version.

We then focus on Kirito and his eye, and the blue particles form the logo. It’s interesting to note how the anime logo is blue on a black background. The same was the case in the first ever opening of SAO.

Eugeo is opening his eyes, as we watch some of his flashbacks and him clenching his fist. I can’t help but get reminded of that moment from episode 10 when he first opened his eyes after having them reinstated.

Next he falls deep into water. This made me think of a similar moment from 3-gatsu no Lion’s first opening.

Eugeo is falling deep. Deep into his feelings of guilt for what happened to Alice?

Alice is shown in a similar way, with flashbacks from her childhood. Unlike Eugeo, she is closing her eyes. Another similarity to the first ever SAO opening is a silhouette version of Alice, just like Kirito and Asuna had back then.

I first thought this was the dragon that took Alice away. But still, that white bird flying away is a nice touch…

…and it makes for a great looking transition to Kirito and Eugeo.

They are aiming to reach the 100th floor of the cathedral. Definitely not the first time Kirito is climbing through floors…

And they are running…

…running towards the crimson integrity knight, the same one that took Alice into custody. The way Kirito dodges that fire attack is just too epic.

This is followed by some more cool looking fight scenes with both the crimson knight and a white-armored knight with a purple mantle.

Alice also looks ready to fight.

Next up is this beautiful looking scene of Eugeo and Kirito getting ready for a fight. These gray tones are clearly a sign of some hardships that are about to come. But Kirito looks determined and confident in his abilities as ever.

The “administrator” is surrounded by some weapons as she arises from what looks like a pool of blood to me.

This is actually another moment that has reminded me of the first ever SAO opening. It made me think of this moment, when the whole scenery got sucked in. The opposite happens to the administrator.

Both scenes also share the same tone of colors.

Eugeo reaches out with his hand, and his Blue Rose sword is there with him.

Well I mentioned hardships… It seems there is a lot of pain to come for Kirito.

He screams as in the background there are blue roses surrounding Eugeo followed by a single blue rose getting filled with… blood?

Similarly, Kirito is surrounded by red roses before a shot of Alice, the administrator on her bed, the lightcubes and a shot of the administrator again, but this time on a bunch of…


I can’t determine exactly what she is sitting on, but it does look the closest to skulls…

Although what follows is a shot of some toys…

… then an unidentified girl…

…the two girls from the end of episode 14 surrounded by blood…

…and another callback to SAO’s first ever opening sequence, a hand reaching towards the sky.

We briefly see Cardinal, and we get an extended version of the epic handshake from the first Alicization opening.

In this case more is better, so yeah I prefer the new version.

The sequence ends with another callback to the first ever SAO opening – two crossed swords.

Final thoughts

First time watching the new opening, I was quick to say that I prefer the older one. But Sword Art Online always has songs that grow on you incredibly quickly, and it happened with Resister as well.

All I can say is that I don’t think anymore that one of the songs is clearly better.

Visually I probably prefer Resister. Needless to say, the animation quality is fantastic, but the small details are what makes this opening shine. I love all the references to Sword Art Online’s first opening sequence. I believe they are here due to the fact that Kirito once again has to reach the top floor of something.

I am both hyped but also prepared for a lot of hardships that are ahead. This opening perfectly hits the balance between those two things. I hope this made some kind of sense.

It looks like Kirito will have to struggle like never before. And SAO seems to be bolder than ever, not holding back with the violent aspects or blood, as shown in episode 10, and really in this opening sequence as well.

My hype levels never stopped rising since episode 1.


How did you like the new Sword Art Online: Alicization opening sequence? What about the ending sequence? Please let me know in the comments!

Irozuku Sekai no Ashita kara has been somehow overlooked so far this anime season, and I’m not sure why.

With its superb visuals, promising story and the main character that is facing the uncommon problem of monochromacy, I believe this anime deserves more attention.

Oh and the opening and ending sequences are quite good as well.

Let’s take a closer look at them.

The opening

The song, titled “17 Sai”, is performed by Haruka to Miyuki, a Japanese folk-rock duo.

It’s the first time their song was used in anime. Not a bad debut at all.

The song feels so fresh, and I don’t meanย  the “uncommon genre or sound” kind of fresh.

Think of an early autumn morning with the sun shining through your window. You can also see dew on the leaves or the grass.

That is the kind of freshness I’m feeling when listening to this song.

Very fitting for the Fall season of anime, isn’t it?

In terms of the visuals, subtle seems to be the keyword.

We start off by seeing a bunch of paint brushes next to sinks. This is a scene from the clubroom shared by the Photography and Arts clubs.

Hitomi is seen going upstairs.

We see more of the school, including the getabako, the shoe cupboard.

What follows is this beautiful transition from monochrome to color. I love the way this Opening is referring to Hitomi’s monochromacy.

I assume these stairs are the same ones Hitomi used in the earlier shot.

She is then seen standing on a bridge.

Back to people on stairs. This is our first shot of Yuito.

Followed by the cute first appearance of Kohaku. A tram is approaching, but she doesn’t seem to care about it.

Instead, she crosses the road and does a 360 turn for good measure. Because why not?

Shou and Asagi are then seen together…

…while Chigusa does a good job of dodging Kurumi’s attempts to hit him with a bag. Way to quickly show their character dynamics.

Nice looking planets.

A shadow of Hitomi.

And then the night sky with her reflection. She seems to be hugging something yellow.

Vials with magical substances. Again with the color transition. So satisfying to watch.

A shot of the school during the setting sun soon follows, until we get the closest shot of Hitomi yet.

A ladybug is on a yellow flower, followed by more color transitions, this time with fireworks.

Shots of characters running never fail to give me this sense of urgency. This opening is no exception.

Put the running shots right when the song reaches its peak, and you get a sequence that just really works well for me.

The first to run is Hitomi.

The star-sand watch used on Hitomi by the grandma Kohaku, a camera len, and a traffic mirror are used for the transition to Yuito’s running…

…and the young Kohaku is seen running near the sea.

After more shots of the school, and a bit of the city, we get these pretty transitions.

They are a reference to what Hitomi was seeing when she looked at Yuito’s drawings…

…and a reference to the end of episode 5.

I’m pretty sure the fish has something to do with Hitomi’s magic.

After another closer shot of Hitomi…

…we get the backshot of all the members of the photography, arts and magic clubs.

And the sequence comes to an end with more shots of the scenery and Hitomi’s bedroom.

The ending

The ending song is titled “Mimei no Kimi to Hakumei no Mahou”. It is performed by Nagi Yanagi.

It’s the same Nagi Yanagi that has performed openings for Just Because and for Oregairu – which I very recently finished.

The ending song for this anime is amazing.

It has a mysterious, dramatic vibe.

I’m almost scared of seeing what kind of drama is about to happen because the feel of this song is suggesting something big.

Visually everything works beautifully, night scenery is exactly what this song needed.

There is not a lot of actual animation in the ending sequence, but I do not feel it is actually needed here.


The opening is one of the most polished ones I’ve seen in recent times.

I love the refreshing feeling I have when I watch the opening.

The transitions from monochrome to full color are a really nice way to present Hitomi’s monochromacy.


The ending has a darker tone than the opening. The song blends perfectly with the visuals.

It makes me feel intrigued for what is about to come.


Check out my first impressions post on this anime!

What do you think about the Irozuku OP and ED? How do you like the anime so far? Let me know in the comments!