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Sooo, hello and a warm welcome to tfwanime, I hope you enjoy your stay here and that it won’t be the last time you have visited 🙂

My name is Matija, I’m 18 years old and I’m from Croatia. The English equivalent of my name would be Matt. Save for experience with a tumblr sports blog, this is my first true blogging experience, but it definately isn’t my first time working on a website, as I’ve finished web design in high school. I will start university on the 1st October. Fitting how the start of the new chapter in my life is on the day the Fall 2018 anime season starts 😀

I’m interested in media editing. Anime is without a doubt something I want to work in. Creating anime openings and endings would pretty much be a dream come true. Other interests involve language learning, Formula 1, dancing and I guess you could say gaming. I’m also a huge fan of the Eurovision Song Contest. The closest anime comparison to Eurovision that comes to my mind is Love Live, since it is a music tournament after all. But I’m saying this as someone who only watched the first season of Love Live…

Anyway the thinking behind this blog is to make a place with my feelings, thoughts, recommendations, experiences, reviews, on the topic of anime. I hope it to become your place to go to when you feel like reading about anime.

I got into this medium in June 2017 thanks to a friend. I can honestly say my life has changed a lot because of that. I was never actually one of those people who watched loads of shows and movies on streaming services or in cinema. But then I discovered anime. I just… felt at home already with my first show, which was Death Note and it became a huge passion ever since that first day. This medium understood me. I could find anything here. From shows about crime solving, to shows about Ballroom dancing, it simply had everything I could ask for. I opened up my horizons. Suddenly “cartoons” became a big part of my life. Yeah, those things that are “for children”. I realized it really doesn’t matter. “Cartoons” are a big part of my life and I’m proud. Anyone who labels anime as “childish” simply because it’s animated does not know what they are talking about and they probably never watched a single show that is not actually made for children. That’s at least my impression.

I would consider Steins;Gate, Hunter x Hunter, Toradora, A place further than the universe and Madoka Magica to be my top 5 favourite shows at the moment. Trying to choose one would simply make me feel too guilty for not picking the other ones, but in any case these have left the biggest mark on me so far. I would also add Ansatsu Kyoushitsu and Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood to that, but that makes it 7 shows already. But oh well, what can I do when anime is just too amazing.

To check out my taste in detail, feel free to look at myanimelist

Also check out my Twitter and Pinterest accounts.

I hope this was an enjoyable first post on this blogging journey. I hope there is loads of fun to come from this. And I wish you a good evening, night, morning or day, whatever it is in your country right now 🙂


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