Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai review… sort of

I love how Bunny Girl Senpai did its ending sequences.

Each ED featured the heroine of the arc, with every respective voice actor singing the song as well.

And so I thought why not make a “ranking” of those EDs, not based on how I like the singing or the visuals, but based on how much I liked the arc.

I hope that made sense. In any case, let’s just get started…

5. Tomoe Koga – Ending 2


I’d say Tomoe Koga’s arc was my least favorite one.

I can definitely relate to her overthinking and tendency to make everyone like her, but I had this huge wish to just tell her that things don’t work that way. You will never be liked by everyone. Just give up on that idea. Live your life for yourself and not to please others.

Another thing I didn’t quite like was the whole “pretending we are dating” thing. I was surprised Sakuta even went along with it. The whole thing just felt too cliche for me.

4. Kaede Azusagawa – Ending 5


I love the cute Kaede. Seeing her try so hard really made me root for her.

But something in the arc just didn’t click with me. Sometimes I get too easily confused, and this arc was one of those occasions.

Also, does the ending to her arc mean we will never get to see Kaede being cute in a panda costume again? I’d be sad if that’s the case.

3. Nodoka Toyohama – Ending 4


What I love about the Nodoka arc is that it gave us one of my favorite cringe faces in anime.

For some reason I just love this cringeface.

Did that sound weird? I feel like Sakuta right now.

The actual arc was fine I guess. Seeing another person try filling the role of Sakurajima Mai helped underline just how tough it is to be famous. And how well Mai is actually coping with all of that.

2. Mai Sakurajima – Ending 1


I actually remember thinking in episode 2 that Sakuta and Mai’s relationship was developing a bit too fast.

But in hindsight, it doesn’t even matter. This was the only arc of Bunny Girl Senpai that has made me cry.

Sakuta tried so hard not tot forget Mai. Seeing him cry while remembering who helped him study was a really emotional moment.

He really didn’t deserve that slap he got for “breaking his promise”.

1. Rio Futaba – Ending 3


While the first arc made me most emotional, Futaba’s arc was overall the best package of them all.

While serious and seemingly unbothered on the outside, she is actually a lonely girl with low self-esteem. I can definitely see myself in some of these traits.

Seeing her realizing she is not alone afterall, and seeing her confess to Kunimi despite knowing the outcome has shown she is starting to accept herself more. And it was really nice to see, making episode 8 and her arc my favorites of the anime.


Which ending sequence, or should I say arc, was your favorite from Bunny Girl Senpai? Please let me know in the comments!

Hope you enjoyed that post!

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