If you’ve been following the blog for the last month and a bit more, you probably noticed how I’ve sort of gotten into a rhythm of making a post every 3 days.

This pace has worked well for me and I also want to believe the quality of my posts has improved in this period.

But sadly it’s now time for me to take a break. The reason is simple: university.

Through February I have huge challenges awaiting for me. Their names being economics, physics and electrotechnics exams – in that exact order.

Add to that the other events happening in my life at the moment, one of them being driving lessons, it’s all a bit too much in this period and I sadly can’t take care of it all at once.

That’s why I’ll have to do a Togashi and take a hiatus. I hope you understand.

If everything goes in the best way possible, I could be successfully done with the exams on 19th February.

Till then you can find me on my social media accounts, as always. Twitter, Pinterest, and from now on YouTube as well.

See you soon, hopefully as soon as the 19th February, and have fun with all the anime stuff you are watching!