Time for another Questions x Answers! I really enjoyed doing this the first time and I hope you liked that post too.

For this second post, I gave you another way to send me questions. You can send them to me on Twitter, or in the form I will leave at the end of the post. Or, if you prefer to be anonymous, you can now send the questions on curiouscat!

Anything you send will be answered in the next installment of Questions x Answers. The more questions I receive, the more often I will make this type of post.

So with all that out of the way, let’s get into the questions!

How are you?

Anonymous simply wanted to know how I am today… And well I’m feeling fine, thanks for asking. Still processing what has happened in the last few days. That feeling when you are the one who drove your father to the grocery store today. Still need to get used to some things but its gonna get better with time, I guess.

Tell us more…

Well tell me what exactly do you want to know! Also, I have the About page 😛 But other than what’s already on that page, I’m not sure what to say… My interests other than anime include Eurovision and Formula 1, both of which I have separate Twitter accounts for. I wear glasses but when out in public I usually have contact lens. I’m quite short and my face looks younger than my age, which is 19. This can sometimes get annoying but sometimes its a good thing. For more than a decade I used to do various types of dancing, including ballroom, hip-hop, breakdance, jazz dance. I literally live for travelling but due to funds I do it too rarely… Hope that was a satisfying answer!

First time again…

Basically everything I watched in Summer 2017 because that was when I first time knowingly watched anime, and that feeling of falling in love with an entire new medium and country was an amazing feeling that I would love to experience again. Being amazed with how tense Death Note was, being moved by Toradora, relating so much to the characters and discovering the beauty of slice of life anime. Feeling that weird sense of nostalgia from Erased and getting intrigued by the concept of time travel…

Speaking of which, I would also love to watch Steins;Gate again for the first time and get my mind blown with how well made that anime is. Similarly, I would love to get shocked once again by THAT plot twist from Madoka Magica. And ofcourse, I can’t not mention reliving episode 47 of Hunter x Hunter when Kurapika did THAT and I never felt more hyped while watching an episode of anything in my life. I could go on but mentioning Kurapika actually gives me a good way to go onto the next question which is…

Favorite characters

Asked by @kuraclan who actually suggested I use curiouscat for these posts, so thanks once again! 😀

When I think of my favorite characters its more often than not someone introverted, and/or someone who is basically a genius with a super mind. Kurapika from Hunter x Hunter, most recently Norman from The Promised Neverland, even Ayanokoji from Classroom of the Elite… Sure, I can definitely relate to being introverted but being super smart? Not entirely sure lol.

What I also seem to love more is when the character is simply badass. Once again Kurapika and Ayanokoji come to mind, as well as Roy Mustang from Fullmetal Alchemist or Shoto Todoroki from My Hero Academia.

It seems like a given that I will love the character who is calm, non-talkative, smart and badass all at the same time. But some characters are my favorites simply because I strongly relate to them, namely Ryuuji Takasu and Aisaka Taiga. I could mention a lot more ofcourse, but I mainly just sticked to those I added to my favorites on MAL.

Overrated anime?

I’m not really a fan of the o-word because by calling something overrated not only you say you don’t think something deserves the praise/love it has, you also say that the people who enjoy something have worse taste than you. Its much better to simply say you don’t like something as much as others do and that’s it.

But to answer the question, I guess you could find some of the answers in my MAL scores I disagree with post where I named a few anime whose score I consider too high. So that would probably make my answer Clannad, Kimi ni Todoke and Your Name (to an extent). Also coming to mind is No Game no Life, which so many people are dying to see a season 2 for, meanwhile I’m having so many other series in mind whose season 2 I need to see…

Now when it comes to “overrated characters”, I don’t really get the obsession over Chika Fujiwara from Kaguya-sama: Love is War.

Yes, the dance was fine but it has been shared so many times now, seen so many times now, edited so many times now that its just not interesting anymore. And besides, how can anyone who has finished Kaguya-sama: Love is War, honestly say that Chika is best girl when Hayasaka Ai and Kaguya Shinomiya are right there.

Also, Zero Two from Darling in the Franxx. I have bad memories and feelings from this anime for various reasons, Zero Two reminds me of some people and situations I would rather forget and besides, she is really not that special. Neither visually nor as a person. It’s like people forget she literally tried to strangle Hiro, and I don’t accept any excuses for that.

That’s all for this round of questions! Once again, for the next such post, leave your questions in this form, send them on Twitter, or leave them on curiouscat!

So a few weeks ago I wanted to try making something a little bit different on this blog, and I randomly asked you on Twitter to send me some questions I will answer in this post.

There were actually some responses, and I’m thankful to everyone who sent me something, you literally made this post possible.

By the way, the title for this post is basically a reference to Hunter x Hunter, I think its easy to understand why.

With that out of the way, let’s get into the questions!


The first question was from @sambgrits:

Well, my music files are pretty much filled with anime openings and endings. I guess I’m quite a fan of J-pop then, cause the songs usually just fit my style. But other than that, I’m a fan of the Eurovision Song Contest, so I listen to the competing entries and the entries from national selections.

I also really love Italian music, and I follow a lot of their artists. For more mainstream stuff, I guess I love Coldplay, they have a few songs that mean a lot to me but I haven’t listened to them in a while if I’m being honest.

I don’t really have specific genres, I listen to whatever is a good song, but I guess you could say heavy metal isn’t really my thing.

Future of anime

@aratadono asked:

Hmm, very interesting question.

Obviously, it depends on the available technology, but I expect VR to be incorporated, maybe anime series will get special VR editions which will allow a more special experience.

Augmented Reality too, I’m sure walking through towns with virtual anime advertisement will be a thing.

There is a lot of potential for anime with VR and AR so I’m sure these technologies will be used to complement the medium in a fun way.

But the fundamental anime parts? I don’t see too much that will change there. Technology could make the process easier but someone will always have to design the characters, voice them, think of the stories…

Lord and savior

@animated_andy asked some very important things…

I swear to as much allegiance as the number of part time jobs that Kushieda Minori has. And that’s quite a lot.

My Twitter avatar may change a few times, but there are some characters that will always have a special place in your heart, and certainly Lord Aisaka Taiga is one of those for me.

Inspiration for blog posts

@JohnnyLambo1 was kind enough to send me two different tweets. This was the first one:

For the posts in the Personal category, usually I just brainstorm through the topics I think I know enough about to write. The topics I think I could give a more unique point of view to, or any other stuff from my anime related habits that could seem interesting enough to share.

The anime I pick for an Opening/Ending breakdown depends on how much I enjoy the anime and sequence and how many interesting things I feel I could note about the sequence. So if there is an anime with an opening that is quite ‘basic’ without many interesting note-worthy scenes, I probably won’t breakdown its opening.

I do the first impressions if the anime was memorable enough, both for good or bad reasons. Similar I guess for reviews, but I haven’t actually done many full anime reviews yet.

There are always moments when I don’t know how to write things or what to write about, but what helps then is watching some YouTubers and sometimes I get ideas from the videos I watch. Or ofcourse, simply looking around at what other anime bloggers are doing.

Even just looking through my older posts sometimes helps think of new things I could write about.

My university/journey

The second tweet was this:

I’m studying Computer Science at university. But my first choice was actually media editing, which unfortunately didn’t work out.

So how does my journey lead me to my dream of creating anime OPs and EDs?

Well I’d like to believe this blog will somehow lead to that, or at least play a part. That’s because its a platform for me to do the media editing that I want. Not being in the media editing university doesn’t mean I can’t do it in free time right?

Mainly what I mean about the platform part is actually my YouTube channel for AMVs, where the idea is to improve my media editing skills by making videos of the medium I love. All while also running this blog which makes sense for me cause I did finish web design in high school.

So I hope all of this will lead to something.

When I finish Computer Science I plan to get a master’s degree for media editing. It would mean 5 years of university studies with a wider area of knowledge, along with the main thing I wanted to study in the first place. But what this will also bring is a chance to enter certain student programmes which give you the opportunity to work in Japan for a while.

One of the requirements for that is 4 or more years of university studies. That’s why I can’t aim for that with simply Computer Science.

So yeah I hope this answered the question.

And that’s all for the questions this time! How often I’ll make these kinds of posts will really depend on how many questions I would get. I’m thinking a monthly Q&A would be great but we’ll see.

You can help contribute to the next Q&A by writing your question for the next one in the form below. Or you can send me the question on Twitter.