This morning I woke up to the amazing news that a second season of Re:Zero has finally been confirmed.

This comes shortly after other exciting anime announcements, like Oregairu Season 3 and Psycho-Pass Season 3.

We are gonna get spoiled with amazing news at this rate. But please, keep it going, anime gods.

Anyways, the Re:Zero Season 2 announcement also came with a PV, which, while simple, seems to suggest there is a lot more pain in store for Subaru.

Here are the 5 main things I want to see resolved in this new season of Re:Zero.

The mystery of Satella

Edit: I’ve been informed it’s not Satella in this picture. It sure seemed like her from my anime-only perspective…

The PV seems to suggest we will finally get to see Satella. Which is great, because there are a lot of mysteries surrounding her that I’d really like to see resolved.

To start off, why does she look so similar to Emilia? Why did she use Satella’s name the first time she met Subaru? Was it really just to test if Subaru doesn’t know anything about the world they are in? Loads of theories have been made on this, most notably that Subaru actually met Satella that first time, and not Emilia.

And then there is Satella’s apparent connection to Subaru. He “reeks” of her and she attempts to kill him each time he tries to tell someone about his “Return by death”. Which brings me to the next point…

Return by death

How exactly does Subaru’s “Return by Death” work? Why does he have this ability? Are there others in the world of Re:Zero with the same ability?

Why do the “starting points” change? It’s likely that they are leading Subaru into a certain direction the witch wants. What exactly does the witch want Subaru to do?

It makes sense to give someone such an ability if you want them to play into your hands. The person isn’t left with much of a choice. Unless if they would simply want to live in a timeloop all the time, they would have to do whatever it takes to change the starting point.

That’s why Subaru could easily be forced to inadvertently play into the enemy’s hands.

Why is Subaru even in the Re:Zero world?

Usually in an isekai we would get a brief explanation of why did the main character just get transported into a new world.

But we had nothing like that in Re:Zero.

So why is Subaru even in that world? Is this also the doing of the witch?

Is his true hidden role in the Re:Zero world to secretly work for the witch without even being aware of it?


There are many things we still don’t know about Puck.

First of all, how did he met Emilia? Altho this will probably be answered in the new OVA that has also been announced. The picture above is from the PV for that.

And what about Puck’s beast mode? I would really like to find out more about that. All we know is that it’s a scary form and it only appears when Emilia dies.

Puck is quite a yandere isn’t he?

Sorry, please forget that sentence ever happened.

Crusch Karsten

This is not a mystery, I just want to see more of Crusch Karsten as I really enjoyed her character.

And where there is Crusch, there is also Felix right?

His reappearance would be fun as I love the memes surrounding him.


These would be my main wishes for Re:Zero Season 2! In any case I’m so happy it’s really coming back. I’m definitely planning the Season 1 rewatch as it’s been more than a year since I first finished the anime.

Tell me in the comments what are you looking forward to the most in the upcoming new season of Re:Zero!

It’s December.

Winter is slowly but surely approaching, which means – snow!

I’m not sure about your country, but here in Croatia, snow has actually already fallen, around 2 weeks ago.

And maybe it’s falling in your own country right at this moment.

I really love snow and I really love anime openings and endings so here I’ll give you some OPs and EDs that have snow in them.

Re:ZERO –Starting Life in Another World– – Ending 1

Ahh Re:Zero. I can’t believe it’s gonna be a year since I watched it.

This ending always reminds me of winter. Not only because that’s the time of the year when I watched the anime, but also because… well… it has snow in its visuals.

And I really love the song.

“Please don’t let me die”. Somehow, driving school and university have made that line more fitting for me recently. Don’t ask why.

Steins;Gate 0 – Opening 1

Without doubt one of the highlights of the anime year, the return of one of my all time favorite series.

And it includes some visuals of Mayushii in the snow and briefly Kagari.

Somehow, the snow just feels fitting. Especially that moment at the top of the buildings.

Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo – Ending 2

It’s another series that I’ve seen in winter last year.

I love the snowflakes at the start of the sequence.

And I’m sure I’m not the only person that finds it hard to resist moving their head the same way as they do in this sequence.

Boku Dake ga Inai Machi Opening

This takes me back to Summer 2017, the start of my anime career.

Seeing the protagonist go back to his childhood days, and during winter as well, felt strangely nostalgic.

And I’m not even into my 20s yet.

Clannad Opening

And another anime involving snow that I’ve seen during last winter.

While for me it wasn’t a “life-changing experience” as I’ve seen it being described, there were certainly moments when I was invested in Clannad, and believed it was something special.

In the first season, it was most notably during the Ibuki Fuuko arc.

Sora yori mo Tooi Basho Opening

It’s no surprise a series with a group of 4 girls visiting Antarctica features snow in its opening.

A Place Further than the Universe is by far one of the best shows of 2018, and even The New York Times agreed, by mentioning it in their The Best TV Shows of 2018 article.

It’s huge news if you ask me, and it’s something that makes me happy, and in a way proud.

Just go watch this anime, I swear you won’t regret it.

3-gatsu no Lion – Ending 2

Now I’ve been watching the first season of this anime at the time snow fell here 2 weeks ago, so the ending sequence felt quite fitting.

I’m sure you’ll notice that the artist, Kenshi Yonezu, also sings the Boku no Hero Academia season 2 opening, Peace Sign.

Interesting how Brian the Sun, who made the first ending song of BNHA, have also made the first ending song for 3-gatsu no Lion season 2.

Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Comedy wa Machigatteiru. Zoku – Opening 2

The anime with one of my favorite main characters ever. And a great opening song with a sequence full of cute moments.

And ofcourse, there is snow, near the end of the sequence, in the blueish lights.

Something about that moment is just amazing. The scenery, those lights that feel relaxing. The two main girls stepping in the opposite directions. The way the song ends.

I just really love that moment. As well as the rest of the opening and the anime itself.


What are your favorite snowy moments in anime OPs and EDs? Please let me know in the comments!