Has it ever happened to you?

You start an anime, you have fun with it, but it ends very quickly.

So quickly, that you feel as if time has doubled its speed.

Was it such an enjoyable episode that you lost your sense of time?

But then you realize the episode was actually just 12 minutes long.

You started a short anime without knowing it. I guess 12 minutes per episode does count as a short anime, does it?

If so, this will be my second short anime after finishing Oshiete Galko-chan last summer.

The story

Senryuu Shoujo follows Yukishiro Nanako, a high school girl bad at talking.

So bad, that she writes senryuu (a type of haiku) poems to communicate with people.

She is in the Literature club with Busujima Eiji, who gives off an intimidating vibe to those around him.

But why would someone like Eiji be in the Literature club? Because he feels like it’s a good way to let his frustration out.

It’s certainly much better than bullying others…

My thoughts

This is for sure one interesting anime.

A character writing down sentences to communicate gives me A Silent Voice vibes.

It doesn’t make much sense to talk about realism here, but I highly doubt Nanako’s way of communication would be as widely accepted in real life as is in this anime.

And the speed at which Nanako writes her sentences is incredible. I’m sure she would be the Guiness World Record holder for the fastest writer.

In any case Nanako is really cute. And she has her own blog so yay there is one similarity there.

I’m just a bit confused with her domain… OXA?

It seems that Eiji was a bully at one point but now he wants to change by writing down his feelings instead of lashing them out on others. Gonna be some good character development there.

Episode 1 was really just an introduction to the characters. Not many actual “plot-moving” events have happened.

Still, I think this will be worth the watch. It’s unique in its own way, I really wonder where will the anime take this senryuu concept.

I’m liking the artstyle. And I always enjoy scenes like these, with a minimalistic, monochrome background. Is that the right way to describe it?

When it comes to the sound, the ending song is beautiful. And Nanako is voiced by Kana Hanazawa who always gives off that lovely energetic feel to a character.

Not sure what else to say. Give it a try if you want something fun and different, it’s only 12 minutes per episode anyway.

And if you have already given it a try, please let me know your thoughts in the comments!

With the first anime season of 2019 behind us, it’s already time to focus on the upcoming Spring 2019 anime season.

I checked out the synopsis and available PVs for each of the titles offered, and these are the anime I’m most likely to watch:

Isekai Quartet (MAL link)

Yes, really.

I usually don’t really watch the chibi spin-offs of anime series. I think the only one I’ve seen was Toradora SOS, and as much as it pains me to say it, it wasn’t really good.

But a crossover of isekai anime sounds like an interesting concept so I want to see what they will do with it.

Even if I haven’t seen Youjo Senki nor Overlord, which will feature in this along with Re:Zero and Konosuba.

Bungou Stray Dogs Season 3 (MAL link)

I started watching Bungou Stray Dogs right on time to finish the first two seasons before the third one starts airing.

Season 1 was hugely enjoyable, and I have no doubts the second season and this upcoming third one will be the same.

Fruits Basket (MAL link)

I don’t know much about Fruits Basket and its 2001 adaptation.

But I do know the manga seems to be highly rated, and the PV has convinced me that its worth checking it out.

Shoumetsu Toshi (MAL link)

Not sure what to really say here.

The story looks good, the PV is very well made, the music is very cool. And it’s made by Madhouse.

All good enough reasons to check this anime out.

Senryuu Shoujo (MAL link)

The Senryuu Shoujo synopsis sounded a bit too silly for me to watch.

But then I looked at the PV, realized Kana Hanazawa is voicing the female lead, and already fell in love with the ending song.

And besides, I thought Kaguya-sama: Love is War had a too silly synopsis at first, until I watched it and ended up loving it a lot more than I expected.

Kono Yo no Hate de Koi wo Utau Shoujo YU-NO (MAL link)

An anime exploring parallel worlds and alternate dimensions with the legendary Rie Kugimiya as part of the cast?

Count me as interested!

Plus, I’ve seen some comparisons of the visual novel to Steins;Gate and Clannad.

If this will be even slightly as good as Steins;Gate, it’s gonna be worth the watch.

Gunjou no Magmel (MAL link)

I like the concept of exploring a new continent, and I like the music from the PV.

But I do hope there will be more to this than simply killing off the creatures of the new continent.

If anything, apparently Yoshihiro Togashi, the mastermind behind Hunter x Hunter has recommended this manga. At least I’ve read so in a MAL forum thread.

Kimetsu no Yaiba (MAL link)

This seems to be the Spring season’s title that many manga readers are hyping up as the “next big thing”.

I’ve already seen people putting this among the next ‘big 3’ along with My Hero Academia and The Promised Neverland.

I’m not gonna comment on that but I am gonna give this anime a go. It’s always risky to start something due to its hype but it payed off with The Promised Neverland and Kaguya-sama: Love is War…

I just wish the actual anime PV is available in my country. The one I linked here is VIZ media’s trailer for the manga.

Do you agree with my picks for Spring 2019? Is there a hidden gem that I’m gonna miss out on? Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments!