One of my passions other than anime is the Eurovision Song Contest. And since a lot of countries these days have been revealing their songs, a lot of my attention has been on the contest.

This gave me the idea to pick my 5 favorite musical performances in anime.

Before starting with the list, an honorable mention to this moment in Zombieland Saga. I really wanted to add it to the list, but making a ‘top 6’ doesn’t sound as good as ‘top 5’ doesn’t it?

Anyway, my 5 ‘chosen’ performances are…

5. Girls Dead Monster – Alchemy (Angel Beats!)

Now to be fully honest, I’ve seen Angel Beats in September 2017 so my memory of the anime needs some refreshing.

But I remember it featured its very own band, and their epic sounding and looking performance.

The concept of an anime having its very own in-world band was very intriguing for me at the time.

I really love the way this was animated. Especially the blonde girl with the guitar.

4. Chihaya Kisaragi – Yakusoku (The [email protected])

Watching The [email protected] was kind of going slowly. I wasn’t fully hooked to the anime and I felt I may have made a mistake starting it. I did try my best to watch it, altho with longer periods between episodes.

But then the main Chihaya Kisaragi arc came. She was already my favorite girl due to her nature and Asami Imai as her voice actor, but this just made her character by far the stand-out of [email protected]

I didn’t expect the [email protected] to make me cry but it happened in episode 20, during this moment. Seeing the other girls give her the push she needed, the realization that she is not alone… I really felt that.

3. Ami Kawashima & Aisaka Taiga – Holy Night (Toradora!)

I just can’t do anything without a mention of Toradora.

The beautiful Christmas party. The class realizes Taiga has been away for a while and they start wondering where she is.

Then she appears, with Ami Kawashima, and they start performing Holy Night.

First time watching, it felt as unexpected for me as it did for Ryuuji. For real, when did they found the time to practice for this?

This is my favorite Christmas song. It fills me with the Christmas spirit and reminds me of the two Christmases so far that I “marked” by watching Toradora. Beautiful memories.

When used at the end of the Christmas episode, after Ryuuji passes out, it almost feels as it was used ironically.

A happy yet sort of melancholic song. Fits so well for Toradora.

I wish I could link to the full performance on YouTube, but sadly the closest that I can find is an AMV.

2. Kousei Arima Last Performance (Your Lie in April)

This is another anime I’ve seen back in 2017, August to be precise, and I need to refresh my memory of it.

Or do I? Do I want to make my heart suffer from this anime once again? On second thought I’m not really sure.

Rewatching this performance brought back loads of emotions. The sheer emotion and power of this scene is breathtaking. I remember not knowing how to react to what I’m watching due to the power of this moment.

Kousei’s tears towards the end… Just give him a break. Why did he deserve to lose so much in his life?

1. Haruhi Suzumiya – God Knows (The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya)

It’s the usual school festival in anime…

But wow, Suzumiya is in a bunny girl outfit preparing to perform something. I love Kyon’s reaction to seeing that.

And I love his shocked reaction during the performance. It was really that good. Haruhi looks amazing with that outfit and her singing is on point.

Also loved Nagato’s outfit. The time when I watched The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya was also the time I played League of Legends a lot, so Nagato’s outfit reminded me of Veigar.

There is really not much else to say other than praising the quality of this song. Many say this is “the best ever song from anime” and I see why someone would think so.

Do you agree with my picks? What anime performances do you enjoy the most? Please feel free to discuss!

Let me tell you a very fun fact about me: I wear glasses at home.

And I love making top-list posts so I thought why not make a top list of characters who wear glasses?

*adjusts glasses* let’s get into it!

10. Iida Tenya (Boku no Hero Academia)

We start off with the president of class 1-A. He really fits the role of class president. Maybe even too much.

His brother, pro hero Ingenium has inspired him to become a hero.

He may seem intimidating at first, but he is actually a really good friend and is very kindhearted.

9. Shiroe (Log Horizon)

The Elder Tale expert, the master strategist.

Wants to achieve his goals at any cost, and for that reason many call him “the villain in glasses”.

The glasses, which he really loves to adjust. Doing that gives him enhanced focus and confidence for a short period of time.

And he is not the only Log Horizon character who uses these powers. Other characters in the anime who wear glasses have also recognized the advantages of this special move.

8. Nagato Yuki (Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu)

Now Nagato is one of those cases that hasn’t always been seen with glasses.

In the first two seasons of Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu she was usually seen without them, but her debut with glasses came in the movie, Suzumiya Haruhi no Shoushitsu.

And she also wears glasses in her spin-off series called Nagato Yuki-chan no Shoushitsu.

Probably the most non-talkative character in anime I’ve seen so far, I really enjoyed her for that exact reason. It was fun seeing an introvert at such extreme levels.

That is, if you can call an alien an introvert.

7. Kitamura Yuusaku (Toradora!)

How could I not mention one of the main characters from one of my favorite anime ever?

The student council vice-president, the class representative, captain of the softball club.

And ofcourse, Taiga’s love interest. For a while, at least…

Can act a bit weird sometimes so be careful.

6. Kousei Arima (Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso)

Ahh, Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso.


Arima has been a renowned pianist in his childhood, till his mother’s death, which left him unable to hear the sounds when he plays the piano.

But meeting Kaori Miyazono has changed that, and he returned to music because of her.

This may be *spoilers* but I couldn’t believe how cruel his fate is, with his mother not being the only person dear to him that he lost.

And the way he seemed to be handling it… Massive respect and I just want to give him a big hug that he deserves.

5. Leorio Paladiknight (Hunter x Hunter)

This picture is just too funny for me not to use it xD

Leorio is friend goals, he really cares a lot for his friends, as shown the best in the final arc of Hunter x Hunter.

He is often short-tempered, a lot of times he doesn’t understand things from first glance, but it doesn’t necessarily make him an incapable hunter.

His motivation for becoming a hunter is the money, but it’s because he wants to be able to save people for free. Isn’t that admirable?

Also, his nen reveal was the most epic nen reveal in the series. Damn how satisfying that was.

And speaking of Hunter x Hunter, Kurapika wears contacts. Just like me when I’m outside.

He doesn’t even wear contacts because of his vision tho, so it’s kinda pointless that I’m even mentioning that, but yeah.

4. Hashida Itaru (Steins;Gate)

It’s the super haka, Daru.

I will forever remember him for his relatable moments like this…

…as well as his relatable problems when it comes to girls…

Oh and his programming skills are godlike and he seems like such a fun friend to have.

3. Asada Shino (Sword Art Online)

Another case where you don’t exactly see the mentioned character wear glasses all the time.

Or maybe we can say Asada Shino actually does? Since that is her real life name, while Sinon, who doesn’t wear glasses, is her in-game character.

In any case, what makes me love this character so much is her determination.

Determination to get over her traumas and dark past, and the determination to become stronger, little by little.

It’s also a big part of why I mentioned the ED sequence that features her character, in my 7 Openings and Endings that make you feel everything will be alright article.

2. Akemi Homura (Puella Magi Madoka Magica)

Speaking of very determined characters who don’t wear glasses all the time…

Akemi Homura is only seen with glasses during THAT episode and during the third movie.

But her wearing glasses during THAT episode means she actually did wear them for most of her life, till certain events.

All she wants is a friend. Just let her have that please.

And don’t do to her what you did to her in the last movie.

If there ever comes a sequel, I hope there will be a way to undo the damage they did there. Or I will just consider the TV anime canon and forget anything else that happened after that…

1. Kiriyama Rei (3-gatsu no Lion)

A few days ago, I finished season 1 of 3-gatsu no Lion.

This anime is truly a gem, and it has one of the best written main characters I’ve seen so far.

Living a tragic childhood full of hardships, Kiriyama Rei had to become independent earlier than most.

As only the fifth shogi player to become a professional in middle school, he spends his days in solitude, preparing for his shogi matches.

When he does come to school, he eats alone, with the only person joining him being his teacher.

The anime follows his growth as a person, influenced by the events and the characters surrounding him. Most notably the Kawamoto sisters.


Are there any characters you expected to see but weren’t on this list? Do you also wear glasses? Let me know 😀