Hello, lovely people!

It’s been a while, hasn’t it? But after almost three exhausting weeks of studying for exams, I finally have a bit of time to relax before the next semester starts.

And that means time for new posts, new videos and much more anime watching!

This will be a bit of a personal post and I don’t exactly know where I’ll go with it but I guess I want to make it an update of where I’ve been and what was I doing…

Work hard, work hard and work hard

Basically it was a lot of hard and frustrating studying. Frustrating because I was never good at subjects like physics and maths and hard because it’s really not what I wanted to do as I never really cared about such subjects either. Add to that the economics, the hard electrotecnics and the English, and you get a lot of freaking out.

Miyamori Aoi was once again an accurate representation of my feelings…

But why would I choose to study such things at university if they are that hard for me?

Well because I failed to enter my first choice university, which focused on media editing. I had to settle for a compromise, and the computer science course had some multimedia related subjects, so now I’m here.

But the hardest semester of computer science is thankfully more or less behind me now, and the subjects that will come in the future are much more appealing as they are the reason I came here in the first place.

I say more or less because it hasn’t all been entirely sucessfull. I managed to pass 5 out of 6 of the subjects with electrotecnics left for later. I can only say there is a good reason this subject has a very high failing rate. With so much stuff all at once, passing 5 out of 6 is a huge success in my book and I’m proud of myself for managing to pull it off.

Especially considering how weak I was at physics and maths before this. Sure, I haven’t passed these subjects with the highest possible grades, but it’s a pass and that’s the most important thing.

Ways to cope

Ofcourse, it wasn’t studying 24/7 and I had to do some things I enjoy in order to keep my sanity.

And if we are talking about things I enjoy, it’s fair to say anime plays a big part there.

I didn’t had the time to binge watch anything, but I was watching a few seasonal series, Sword Art Online: Alicization coming to mind, as well as Kaguya-sama: Love is war, The rising of the shield hero and Boogiepop.

The latter I’ve started earlier but was left confused by the first two episodes until I rewatched them and realized that this is actually a very good anime.

I’ve mentioned my knowledge of Italian before, and well that comes from my huge love for Italian music and some two weeks ago, their biggest music festival called Sanremo was held. Sadly I couldn’t watch all the 5 nights of it this year, but I watched the first and final night.

Not really sure why I’m mentioning this but yeah, I highly suggest you to listen to some Italian songs. La ragazza con il cuore di latta and Senza Farlo Apposta were my favorites from Sanremo this year and I’m still sad to see the results these songs have gotten.

Speaking of non-anime related stuff, I’m sure you are aware of the T-Series vs. PewDiePie sub battle that is happening right now. Depending on the events, I actually thought of making a separate post on this topic, but for now I’ll just say I’ve been keeping a close eye on all that.

And if you haven’t already, please. Subscribe to PewDiePie. It’s for the greater good.

What is next?

Well duh, more blog posts. I have a new concept of posts in mind which will hopefully be a lot of fun.

But I’m also really excited about my YouTube channel, and I plan to post AMVs there and in the future maybe some videos related to my blog posts as well.

You can already check out the first AMV that I’ve done right before the exam chaos had begun.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and I hope to see you in my next post 😉

If you’ve been following the blog for the last month and a bit more, you probably noticed how I’ve sort of gotten into a rhythm of making a post every 3 days.

This pace has worked well for me and I also want to believe the quality of my posts has improved in this period.

But sadly it’s now time for me to take a break. The reason is simple: university.

Through February I have huge challenges awaiting for me. Their names being economics, physics and electrotechnics exams – in that exact order.

Add to that the other events happening in my life at the moment, one of them being driving lessons, it’s all a bit too much in this period and I sadly can’t take care of it all at once.

That’s why I’ll have to do a Togashi and take a hiatus. I hope you understand.

If everything goes in the best way possible, I could be successfully done with the exams on 19th February.

Till then you can find me on my social media accounts, as always. Twitter, Pinterest, and from now on YouTube as well.

See you soon, hopefully as soon as the 19th February, and have fun with all the anime stuff you are watching!